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Kuz Sar (6677m) view from Chillinji pass

Though we never know when our day will come and we will depart from this temporary world but we as a human always make long plans, don’t we?

Alhamdolillah, I did the treks which I had planned for 2016 and even managed to do trips which were not in plans e.g. upper Dir Kohistan trip. Following are the upcoming planned trips for 2017 (the links lead to event pages on Facebook where you can find all the relevant details):

Alhamdolillah, I once again did all the major treks I had planned for year 2017 (Chillinji pass – Karomber lake – Darkot pass loop, Upper Swat trip, Astore-Deosai-Skardu-Shigar-Khaplu trip Chitta Katha lake trip).

Though I have already cancelled my Lukpe La trekking trip for year 2018 but I am organizing following public trips which you are welcome join:


If you are interested to join any of my treks and want to know more details then please inbox me through my Facebook page The Silent Traveler.

Photo Credit: Steve Razzetti

Traveling is living!

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