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Khaltaro Valley and Rakhan Gali Expedition In Haramosh

Khaltaro Valley and Rakhan Gali Expedition In Haramosh

Khaltaro valley in greater Haramosh valley is truly a hidden gem of Gilgit Baltistan region. Haramosh valley is in Gilgit district and lies on Skardu road at 2 hours drive from Gilgit city. Haramosh is attracting lots of tourists due to another sub-valley known as Kutwal.

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Ultimate Guide to Public Transport in Pakistan

This article about public transport in Pakistan is not totally based on my personal experience instead it is a collection of information which I have observed during my travels, researched or gathered from fellow travelers. The information shared about public transport in Pakistan through this article may not be accurate as things change over time. I will try to update this information as much as possible.

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Adventure Lakes Pakistan Treks

Chitta Katha Lake Trek – Explorer’s Paradise

Chitta Katha Lake Trek - Explorer's Paradise

Everyone has a favourite place which he/she wants to visit again and again. Chitta Katha lake trek in Shounter valley happens to be my favorite and I like to go there as at least once  a year. I call it “Explorer’s Paradise” because it offers me all the elements, from green grass to wild flowers to horses to streams to snow-clad mountains to lakes, which I seek in a trekking destination.

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Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp Trekking Trip

Fairy meadows to Nanga Parbat base camp trek

Fairy Meadows is a heavenly place in the lap of killer mountain i.e. Nanga Parbat (8,126 m). Fairy meadows is a lush green meadows surrounded by pine trees. It is truly a piece of heaven.

I have been only once to Nanga Parbat and that too in the start of my trekking career. It was 13 days long trekking trip which also included Rupal side of Nanga Parbat and beyond till Mazeno base camp. The trip was organized by my Nature Explorers and we were total of 13 people.

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Adventure Northern Areas of Pakistan Treks

Backpacking Trip Around Nanga Parbat

Backpacking trip around Nanga Parbat

Backpacking trip around Nanga Parbat is a two part series article and I have already written about Fairy meadows side of Nanga Parbat at Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp Trekking Trip.

My first big trip to northern areas was a backpacking trip around Nanga Parbat in 2013. The trip was organized by Nature Explorers. We were 13 members from different cities. The first leg of the trip was on the Rupal side of Nanga Parbat in Astore valley. The second leg was the Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat base camp trek on the Diamer side.

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Bashkargol Lake Trek via Thallo Pass

Bashkargol Lake Trek via Thallo Pass

Bashkargol lake is one true hidden gem of district Chitral in Khyberpakhtunkhwa. It is big, it is beautiful and it has different modes for different times of the day. By evening it seems like a shore a sea and by morning it seems like a giant still mirror.

Bashkargol lake is situated 24km away Sor Laspur village. The trek is very rough, tough and steep. For couple of hours the trek goes along the river which comes from the Bashkargol lake. After crossing a stream, coming from Manial pass, the trek suddenly gains lots of altitude. The trail on the left side of the river is the one which we followed during our trek. We could see a smoother trail on the other side but not sure if there was any option to cross the river.

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Hunza-Xinjiang Bus Service Started From Sost Port Pakistan

Hunza Xinjiang New bus service

Hunza-Xinjiang bus service started up from Sost port Pakistan to tashkurga. Significant move between China and Pakistan & its fare is just 225Rmb & Rs3300.

A much appreciated effort but bring the people to contact between the countries even closer but I wonder why the people of Pakistan are going to benefit from this initiative? It is very difficult for Pakistanis to individual visa to China. Also the very first visa to China costs around Rs. 100,000.

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Lakes Northern Areas of Pakistan Trekking Treks

6 Trekking Destinations to Consider for Summer 2019

6 Trekking Destinations in Pakistan for Summer 2019

There is no shortage of trekking destinations in Pakistan. There is a trek for all level of trekkers. Whether you are just getting started into trekking or a seasoned trekker, there is always something to explore in northern areas of Pakistan.

Some trekking destinations are lesser know than others. Since social media and Google maps has made it very easy to gather or share information regarding different treks so travelers are now venturing into the unknowns.

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