Adventure Lakes Northern Areas of Pakistan Trekking

Trek to Rush lake in Nagar valley

Rush lake trek, Hopper valley, Nagar valley

I had my eyes on Rush lake trek for a long time but for some unknown reasons I never opted for this adventurous trek. I had studied about it numerous times that how dry and difficult trek is this but at the same time it offers unmatched views of some of the famous peaks e.g. Spantik/Golden peak. Not just views instead crystal clear reflections which is what makes Rush lake hot favourite trek for landscape photographers.

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Adventure Northern Areas of Pakistan Trekking

The Challenge of Chillinji Pass

Chillinji pass (5,335 m) was the trek I had chosen for year 2017 as my annual trekking trip. Chillinji pass was not only a challenge as a trek but also a challenge to manage permission, from both civilian and as well as army, for going beyond Ziarat in Chapursan in Hunza valley and crossing Chillinj pass towards Ishkoman valley.

We were 4 friends i.e. myself Sher Ali Saafi, Abdullah Saleem and Mustafai Subhani. My duty as always was to create a public Facebook event in order to gather 4-5 people for the trek, Abdullah’s duty like always started as soon the trip started to manage the logistics during the trip. Amjed bhae prior to trip made sure that we all are in and don’t backout at last minute.

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Chamb Waterfall – a hidden gem in Azad Kashmir

Chamb waterfall view from road

Chamb waterfall is real small hidden gem of Azar Jammu & Kashmir. It is located 200km away from Islamabad in Chinari, Hatian Bala district.

The road to the waterfall is partly good and partly in real bad condition. You set out from Islamabad towards AJK via Murree Expressway. This means the start of the journey is on one of the best roads but once you reach Murree then the poorest portion of road journey begins until Kohala bridge on river Jhelum which connects Punjab with AJK. The next phase of road journey from Kohala bridge to Chinari is real smooth.

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Adventure Lakes Trekking

The Unexpected Adventures of Karomber Lake Trek

The Unexpected Adventures of Karomber Lake Trek

Karomber lake trek is one of the most diverse treks in northern areas of Pakistan and has many entry and exit points to the lake. It is also one of the most beautiful treks. Karomber lake lies on the boundary of Broghil valley in Chitral and Ishkoman valley in Gilgit Baltistan. The easy and shortest route to Karomber lake is from Chitral side (via Mastuj, Broghil valley).

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Adventure Lakes Pakistan Trekking

How to Explore 20 Lakes of Pakistan in One Week?

How to Explore 20 Lakes of Pakistan in One Week?

Are you a lakes’ lover and want to explore as much as 20 lakes of Pakistan in one week?

In 2014 a friend, Talha Umair along with Adnan Gulfam prepared an itinerary for Nature Explorers tourism company based on Google maps to explore 19+ lakes in one week. Some of the lakes were famous and routes were known while others were just guess work as the maps had been prepared from Google maps website. The lakes were located in Kaghan and Neelum valleys.

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Northern Areas of Pakistan Travel

Best Mobile Network Operator for Travelers in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Best Mobile Network Operator for Travelers in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Which is the best mobile network operator for travelers in Pakistan? There are many options to choose from but when it comes to frequent traveling in remote areas then one must do some research and choose the one which works in most of the areas with good signal strength.

Usually I avoid using gadgets, except dslr cameras if you include them in the list of gadgets as well, while I am traveling because I want to enjoy the nature to the maximum level but sometime I really need to connect with the world.

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Instagram Pakistan Travel

6 Awesome Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographers You Need To Follow

6 Awesome Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographers

Need travel inspiration or want to explore the landscape beauty of Pakistan from the comfort of your home? Follow these Pakistani Instagram travel photographers as they capture the beautiful landscape, people and birds of Pakistan with their lenses.

Best Pakistani Instagram Landscape Photographers (2016)

The Silent Traveler

Sher Ali Photography - The Silent Traveler

Sher Ali Photography – The Silent Traveler


Yup, that’s me! Before I share my favorite Pakistani Instagram travel photographers, I would like to share my account first. Shameless self-promotion.

My travel photography is a mix of landscape and adventure travel photography. So if you are into adventure travel then follow me to explore the wonders of north of Pakistan through my lens. I have been traveling for the last 5 years, which is not as much as compared to some other travel photographers. But I have been traveling a lot throughout the last five years and have done some of the toughest and longest treks. Major treks include around Nanga Parbat trek, K2 base camp & Gondogoro La trek, Karomber lake trek via Darkot pass and many other adventure treks in Naran-Kaghan and Kashmir valleys.

Follow The Silent Traveler on Instagram

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Northern Areas of Pakistan Travel Treks

The Best Adventure Treks in Pakistan

The Best Adventure Treks in Northern Areas of Pakistan

There are so many adventure treks in Pakistan some of which include K2 Base Camp & Gondogoro La (5,940m) trek, Snow lake trek, Karomber lake trek, Rush lake trek, Fairy Meadows & Nanga Parbat base camp trek, Rakaposhi basecamp trek, Dudipatsar lake trek and many more. Looking for the best trekking options in the Northern Areas of Pakistan? I have picked some of the best based on ease of access, trail conditions, accessibility and perhaps more importantly scenic beauty and the chance to see the fascinating cultural of the region.

K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek

K2 view from Vigne Glacier

K2 view from Vigne Glacier while going towards Ali camp for Gongodoro La / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

This is mother of all treks in Pakistan. It is one of the best adventure treks in the Central Karakoram National Park. K2 (8611m) is the second tallest mountain in the world and this 18 days trek is a once in life experience. This trek provides one of best views of some of the world’s tallest moutains. Especially Concordia, which is at the junction of the Godwin Austen and Baltoro glaciers, often referred to as “The Throne Room of Gods” provides the best panoramic view of the mighty mountains of Karakoram region including 4 of the 14 8-thousanders high mountains which include K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum-1 and Gasherbrum-2. To reach Concordia trekkers have to walk on Baltoro glacier (63 km), longest glacier outside the polar region, and witness the beauty of Trango Towers, Masherbrum and so many well known peaks of Karakoram in Gilgit Baltistan.

Gondogoro La (5940m) is a high mountain pass which connects Concordia with Hushe valley in Ghangche District of northern Pakistan. This is a highly technical pass and requires usage of fixed ropes and crampons.

Do you need a guide?

K2 base camp and Gondogoro La is a long and hard trek and should only be handled by a travel company which offers touring services for this trek. There are lots of companies in Pakistan and specifically in Skardu which offer trips to K2 base camp with professional guides.

When to go?

The weather in Karakorams in more unpredictable and dramatic than Himalayas. This trek should be done between May and September. June to August is monsoon season (rainy season) in Pakistan but this is also the time when most of the snow melts and glacier crevasses are visible making it easy to choose your path.

Food and accommodation

The travel company organizing your trip will handle all the logistics including food, camping and hotel stays.

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