Hunza-Xinjiang Bus Service Started From Sost Port Pakistan

Hunza Xinjiang New bus service

Hunza-Xinjiang bus service started up from Sost port Pakistan to tashkurga. Significant move between China and Pakistan & its fare is just 225Rmb & Rs3300.

A much appreciated effort but bring the people to contact between the countries even closer but I wonder why the people of Pakistan are going to benefit from this initiative? It is very difficult for Pakistanis to individual visa to China. Also the very first visa to China costs around Rs. 100,000.

The only people who will benefit from this initiatives is the people of Gilgit who do not require a visa to Xinjiang. They can cross the border to Xinjiang with a special pass. But the population of Gilgit Baltistan is not even 1% of the total population of Pakistan. Actually Natco bus service is already operating between Pakistan and China. What needs to be done is the ease of visa from Chinese side.

I wish that someday China will issue visa on arrival for Pakistanis just like any two good friendly countries do. Friendship cannot be higher than K2 if there is so much difficulty to get ordinary China visa.

News Source Facebook page “China Pakistan Economic Corridor – CPEC


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