Broghil Valley

Broghil valley national park, Chitral, Khyberpakhtunkwa

Broghil valley is a remote mountainous valley in the Chitral district of province Khyberpakhtunkhwa. It is a narrow long valley. Broghil valley is located around 250km away from Chitral city.

From Mastuj a jeep-able road takes one full day to reach Lashkargaz (4×4 jeeps can go to Lashkargaz as of late 2018) village.

Broghil valley receives 5-6 feet snow in the winters hence communication is cut off with the rest of the county. In summers, the valley is full of grass with plenty of water streams, which join the Yarkhoon river. Life in upper stretches of the valley is very hard as there is not much land for cultivation. Yaks is the favorite animal of the area because of the cold weather. By end of August people start cutting grass in order to stock it for winters. The valley is a home of many wild animals e.g. bears, marmots, snow leopards, foxes etc.

Broghil valley runs parallel north east along Gilgit Baltistan and Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan along north west. The far north end of the valley ends at Karomber pass. Karomber pass is boundary between Broghil valley and Ishkoman valley. The famous mighty Karomber lake is also situated at Karomber pass.

Broghil valley is a favorite destination for trekkers. Not only local Pakistanis trekkers wish to explore Broghil valley but also foreigners wish to explore this area. Only few foreigners have been able to get permission from the authorities to explore this majestic valley. For example this Hindukush Traverse done by Gabriel from Germany is a rare example of a foreigner doing trekking in the region in recent times. It is also one of my most favorite areas in the northern areas of Pakistan.

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