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8 Awesome Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographers You Need To Follow in 2019

8 Awesome Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographers

Need travel inspiration or want to explore the landscape beauty of Pakistan from the comfort of your home? Follow these Pakistani Instagram travel photographers as they capture the beautiful landscape, people, architecture, culture, weddings and wildlife of Pakistan with their lenses.

Best Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographers (2019)

The Silent Traveler

sheraliphotography on Instagram

Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographer – The Silent Traveler


Yup, that’s me with shameless self-promotion as usual but I think there is a reason. Most of the fellow travel photographers visit limited areas, especially areas where there is easy road access. While my core passion is trekking which enables me to go to extreme wilderness areas of northern Pakistan.

South of Pakistan is what is hugely missing from my profile but I do plan to explore the south more in future, IA.

Follow me to see the off the beaten path landscapes of northern Pakistan. 🙂

P.S. don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I am going to take vlogging serious in 2019.

Follow The Silent Traveler on Instagram

Mobeen Mazhar

mobeenmazhar on Instagram

Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographer – Mobeen Mazhar


Mobeen is an avid traveler and landscape photographer. His photography is outclass and captures the landscape beauty of Pakistan masterfully. He is a true inspiration for many of us and lately he has been taking on some of the biggest adventure treks including Virjerav pass (first ever Pakistani trekker to have done this pass). Other notable treks include Lukpe La, K2 base camp trek etc. He shares a lot of info & maps regarding travel destinations and doesn’t shy to guide novice photographers.

Mobeen is also the co-founder of The Karakoram Club Facebook group.

Follow Mobeen on Instagram

Usman Zubair

Usman Zubair on Instagram

Instagram Travel Photographer – Usman Zubair


Usman is a star of Pakistani Instagram travel community. He doesn’t follow a particular niche in travel photography but his architecture photography is a class-apart. Lately he has been exploring countries other than Pakistan e.g. Nepal, Iran etc. He travels mostly solo and that too on bike, especially when he goes to northern areas of Pakistan.

The first time I met Usman was in one of the remote corners of Pakistan.

Follow Usman on Instagram

Ali Awais

Ali Awais on Instagram

Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographer – Ali Awais


Ali is someone who is quickly risen to higher levels of landscape photography in just few years. He brings us beautiful landscape photography not only from northern areas but also from southern side. He is a wedding photographer and living in Lahore gives him the advantage of capturing the marvelous architects of Lahore.

Follow Ali on Instagram

Engr. Asmar Hussain

asmarsphotography on Instagram

Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographer – Engr. Asmar Hussain


Asmar is an experienced landscape photographer and has been showcasing landscape beauty of northern areas for many years. On the top his portraits are so classy and shot so timely that you cannot take your eyes off of them. He supports youngsters and helps them out as much as possible.

Follow Asmar on Instagram

Qammer Wazir

Qammer Wazir on Instagram

Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographer – Qammer Wazir


Qammer is a young boy who Baltistan region and has a huge collection of landscape photography from there.. He shares some of the beautiful landscape photos on Instagram. Lately he has been capturing Islamabad with lens as he is spending more and more time in the capital due to his studies. He is now venturing into drone photography and already making a difference with this new generay of photography.

Being a local of Balistan he needs to bring us more landscape photography from off the beaten path.

Follow Qammer on Instagram

Mustafa Ali Najafi

Dslrwalaybhai on Instagram

Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographer – Mustafa Ali Najafi


Mustafa also belongs to Baltistan region and his drone landscape photography is one of the best. He also makes vlogs for his YouTube channel. He has captured a lot of time lapses of Islamabad lately.

Follow Mustafa on Instagram

Tariq Khattak

Tarik Khattak on Instagram

Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographer – Tarik Khattak


Tarik is another young boy with multitude of talents. Being a student he doesn’t get to travel a lot but he has worked hard and improved his photography skills multi-fold within short span of time. I would say right now he is best landscape photographer capturing Islamabad the way I always wished to capture it but due to lack of time and kids I cannot roam free like him.

Love his compositions and creativity in frames.

Follow Tarik on Instagram

Nature Pakistan – Bonus Instagram Profile

Nature.Pakistan on Instagram

Follow Nature.Pakistan on Instagram


This one is not a profile of an individual instead “Nature Pakistan” is an Instagram hub profile dedicated to sharing beautiful landscape photos of Pakistan with masses around the world. Lately this account has been sharing architecture, food and portrait photos as well. Follow them and use their hashtag #NaturePakistan to get featured.

Follow Nature Pakistan on Instagram

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Who is your favorite Pakistani Instagram Travel Photographer (please write in comments section below and I will feature some of them in my next article)?

Traveling is living!

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