Traveling is living

Hello everyone,

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My name is Sher Ali and I am a vivid traveler from Pakistan. I don’t have too much experience in traveling like many of you may have but in the short span of almost 2 years I have traveled a lot, especially in the north where there is so much for a traveler to explore and experience. So this website is about sharing my traveling experiences along with supportive photographs (yup that’s right, a traveler without a camera is impossible). I hope you will find some of the stuff valuable.

Traveling is an addiction, once you are into it then you can hardly escape from this lethal addiction. You would be a lucky person if you have a job/business which gives you a good amount of free time and of course a good salary/business is a must. I myself am a software engineer by profession and have been working as a freelance web developer since 2006. Being a freelancer, I have the luxury to work on my own terms so I can take off whenever I want to but I try to balance both my work and traveling so that I can feed my family and as well as bear my travel expenses.

I would say if you haven’t traveled yet then you haven’t lived your life so get out and live a better life.

Traveling is living!

Photo Credit: Mehroz Khan Niazi Photgraphy

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