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What trekking gear to buy?

Trekking Gear

Not sure what trekking gear to buy?

If you are serious about traveling either in group or as a solo traveler, especially if you are interested in doing serious trekking in the north of Pakistan, then you must get quality gear.

During our Karomber lake trek 2 of our team members’ shoes broke at the very start of the trek but fortunately the trek wasn’t rough so they completed the trek even with those broken shoes. But if that was a trek like K2 base camp or snow lake then they would have been in serious trouble.

Anyone interested in doing major treks should invest in quality gear. If you have friends or family members who can bring you stuff from USA then I recommend you to buy branded stuff. Don’t rely on low quality and low value gear as it could be life threatening as well.

I always keep my eyes on websites where they sell quality stuff on sale. One such website is I buy quality trekking gear, ship it to someone living in the USA and then that person brings my stuff to Pakistan either himself or through someone whom he knows.

There are many similar websites but is the one where I have personal experience of buying trekking gear under great deals.

Following are some of the products I have bought recently for myself:

REI Crestrail 70 Pack

REI Crestrail 70 Pack

Forclaz 200 3-in-1 Men's Hiking Rain Jacket

Forclaz 200 3-in-1 Men’s Hiking Rain Jacket

Mammut Pacific Crest GTX Boot - Men's

Mammut Pacific Crest GTX Boot – Men’s

Traveling is living!

Photography by: Sher Aliโ€™s Photography

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