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Exploring lakes in the valleys of flowers

This post is a prelude to a series of posts. Following is the list of posts of the series.

The northern areas of Pakistan has so many attractions for tourists all over the world and this includes natural lakes of which many are still unexplored. Life is short and there is so much for the explorers to explore so one cannot explore all these lakes unless if you explore many of them in one go and that’s what I did back in August 2014 right after Eid-UL-Fitr.

I set out with a large group of 27 people on an epic journey to explore 19 lakes in one go. Some of us were seasoned trekkers and some were first timers but that didn’t matter, what mattered was the will power and mental toughness. It was one of the toughest non-technical treks I have ever done in my short portfolio of treks. We started as a strong group of 27 people but only 13 of us could complete the full trek because the other 14 members of the group kept quitting the trek day by day.

Though the trek was toughest and longest but it was equally rewarding because we were able to explore so many hidden gems which you cannot explore if you follow the usual treks to famous attractions e.g. Dudipatsar lake. The valleys of Kaghan and Kashmir are lush green and full of small size colorful flowers.

This post is a prelude to the upcoming series of 6 posts which I will be writing about our journey from Islamabad to our ultimate destination Ratti Gali lake and from there back to home sweet home.

Traveling is living!

Photography by: Sher Ali’s Photography

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