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Your traveling options

Pakistani masses many choices to travel within Pakistan. If you are new and thinking what are your traveling options specially to travel to far lunged areas in the north of Pakistan then read on and make the right choice.

1. Traveling alone:

Some people like to travel alone. May be it is their personality type, that they are introvert, that they like to travel alone. Traveling alone sounds difficult especially someone who is just starting into this addictive hobby but once you used to it then I believe this is the best way to travel. When you travel alone then you don’t get the company of friends but you get to know the local people and their culture better. This is because the locals are the only ones with whom you have to interact. When you are surrounded by friends while traveling then you mostly joke and laugh with your friends.

While this is the best option for someone who is more interested in interactive with locals but it is also the most tough one because you have to manage everything yourself.

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Travel Treks

Travel wishlist for year 2016

2015 has been a great year like previous year. I did some big treks this year including Karomber lake trek via Darkot pass. I look forward to 2016 and hope to cover a couple of more big treks. I wish to complete the following adventure treks and destinations in 2016.

  • Hingol National Park, Balochistan
  • Snow lake, Karokaram, Gilgit Baltistan
  • Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan / Annapurna Circuit Trek, Nepal
  • Deosai National park, Gilgit Baltistan

What is your wishlist for year 2016 (please write in comments below)?

Traveling is living!

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Year 2015 in Review

trekkers on the way to darkot pass top

At the end of year 2014 I had set some traveling goals for myself. Though I didn’t travel frequently this year but still I was able to fulfill some of the wishes from my travel wishlist of 2015. Here is year 2015 in review.

The first major trip I did in 2015 was a road trip in May around Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan. I started my journey along with 4 other friends in Rav4 Toyota jeep 4. Went to explore Kailash valley in Chitral. We got bit disappointed at Kailash valley and decide to go to Shandur lake. We went to explore Shandure lake and came back to Islamabad via Ghizer, Gilgit, Babusar pass, Naran route.

Road trip to Shandur lake Chitral Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan - photography by Sher Ali Photography

Road trip to Shandur lake Chitral Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan / photo by Sher Ali Photography

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Gear Trekking

What trekking gear to buy?

Trekking Gear

Not sure what trekking gear to buy?

If you are serious about traveling either in group or as a solo traveler, especially if you are interested in doing serious trekking in the north of Pakistan, then you must get quality gear.

During our Karomber lake trek 2 of our team members’ shoes broke at the very start of the trek but fortunately the trek wasn’t rough so they completed the trek even with those broken shoes. But if that was a trek like K2 base camp or snow lake then they would have been in serious trouble.

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Road Trip to Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan in a loop

Khalti lake Gupis, Gilgit Baltistan

For the first time in my life I did a 100% road trip in the northern areas of Pakistan, a long road trip. And it was not what I had initially planned with my fellow travelers.

I along with few other friends (whom I befriended during different treks except one who is my childhood friend) had been planning for Chilum Joshi festival in Chitral. Three of Us (me, Aamer Ayyub Rabbani and Muhammad Zubair Abbasi) decide to meet at Monal in the Margallah hills. Aamer had picked Zubair Abbasi from his place and then picked me from the Centaurus Mall’s exit on the F8 side. It was an awesome weather and just minutes before it had rained in Islamabad. We reached Monal for dinner where we not only finalized our plan but also enjoyed the romantic weather.

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Travel wishlist for year 2015

2014 has been a great year and did some big treks including K2 trek with Gondogoro La pass. Life is short and I have got a huge travel wishlist list. I wish to complete the following adventure and leisure treks in 2015.

  • Karombar lake / Snow lake trek
  • Rush lake / Rakaposhi base camp trek
  • Autumn trip to Hunza and surroundings / Trip to Karakol Lake, Kashghar, Tibet and Mount Everest

What is your wishlist (please write in comments below)?


Exploring Sat Sar Mala Lakes

This post is part of a series called Exploring lakes in the valleys of flowers.

Exploring Sat Sar Mala lakes is the first part of my 19 lakes exploration trip in the valleys of Kaghan and Kashmir. The prelude of this series can be read at Exploring lakes in the valleys of flowers.

Map of Sat Sar Mala lakes Trek

Map of Sat Sar Mala lakes Trek

We started our journey from Islamabad under the banner of Nature Explorers. Our first destination was Besal in Kaghan Valley. We did a short stop at Balakot for shopping of grocery items and filling of gas cylinders. We did our lunch at Naran and kept moving towards Besal. We reached Besal in the night and setup our camps. The night was cold even in the month of August which is the peak summer time in Pakistan.

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Lakes Travel Treks

Exploring lakes in the valleys of flowers

This post is a prelude to a series of posts. Following is the list of posts of the series.

The northern areas of Pakistan has so many attractions for tourists all over the world and this includes natural lakes of which many are still unexplored. Life is short and there is so much for the explorers to explore so one cannot explore all these lakes unless if you explore many of them in one go and that’s what I did back in August 2014 right after Eid-UL-Fitr.

I set out with a large group of 27 people on an epic journey to explore 19 lakes in one go. Some of us were seasoned trekkers and some were first timers but that didn’t matter, what mattered was the will power and mental toughness. It was one of the toughest non-technical treks I have ever done in my short portfolio of treks. We started as a strong group of 27 people but only 13 of us could complete the full trek because the other 14 members of the group kept quitting the trek day by day.

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